Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong


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To provide sufficent guidiance and provide an ideal atmospheres for youths to participate in soical activities, developmental programmes,  leisure activities and educational activities to fully utilize their time, learn to communicate with others and to develop their leadership skills.  

Core Services 
1. To provide guidance and counselling services;
2. To provide supportive services for children and youths in disadvantaged circumstances;
3. To provide socialisation programmes for children and youths;
4. To provide social responsibility and competence enhancement programmes for children and youths.

- By gathering regularly according to youths' interests, skill and growth needs, we provide opportunities to them to cooperate with others.  Groups organised included volunteer groups, after-school caring groups, devlopmental groups and social groups, ,uniform groups etc.

Family Activities
- To enhance family harmony and communication and build a supportive network.

Vounteer work
- To develop youths caring minds and their leadership skills through volunteer work.

Interest classes
- To provide interest classes to fulfill children and youths' interests and skill needs, such as taekwondo, cooking classes, mathematic classes, painting classes, martial art classes, tai-chi class, etc.